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Matrice reviews:
On Idie-eye by Michele Faggi:
"?Alos raggiunge la forza pre-semantica di un fonema da scagliare. La sua voce improvvisamente si può toccare, come una ferita ai cui estremi ci sono i generi (musicali, sessuali, narrativi) prima che il linguaggio li definisse. Il mostruoso-femminile di ?Alos non ha niente a che vedere con il femminismo d'accatto delle nostre cantantesse, perchè tutte quelle forme rappresentative negate, elise e spesso soppresse, emergono nella documentazione di una corporeità feconda e ribollente attraverso la voce nuda, mettendo in primo piano la secrezione, il gorgoglio, il rantolo, la creazione di tutte le forme di vita per partenogenesi, oltre i generi." 

On Mag Music:

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Matrice Teaser

?Alos "Matrice" Out March 16th
on Cheap Satanism Records 

 Ignis red elixer

Matrice is the new upcoming album of ?Alos, due for release on March 16th 2015 through the Belgian Cheap Satanism Rec and distributed on both CD and LP format. The album was recorded,mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (Lento) at Ardis Hall Ravenna, place that holds reharsals for both well known “Fanny&Alexander” Theatre Company and Cooperativa E.

Matrice is dark, rich in Metal and Doom influences tainted by elements of electronics, skillfully woven to give life to flowing music and at the same time incessant in its shape.

?Alos spans from dreadful malaise to a seemingly seductive composure; through growls and screaming, ushered in by the unique sound of her guitar, she takes the listener into her “chaotic” world built on Archetypes, music, performance, dancing, political activism, social criticism, history, feminism, queer theory, anarchy. The name of the album leads back to multiple concepts, metaphorically it is what underlies the origins, the basic cause, the element of inspiration. The track titles are taken from the opus magno and have been inspired by Hermetical/Alchemist imagery.

Apprehension of Death seems lingering throughout the whole record, but it’s in Ecate where it becomes the main character: the track, beyond bridging the past to the present (the previous album was titled Era), is inspired by the Greek-Roman Goddes capable of travelling freely between the human world, that of the Gods and the Kingdom of the Dead.

Luce/Tenebre is the conceptual oxymoron par excellence, a sonic illustration of the metaphysical image of both realities which are seemingly separated in the human mind, but united in a unique shape. “Darkness is pure spirit, radical and metaphysical basis, unique reality; Light is matter, subjective effect, ostensible brightness, Illusion.”

Ignis red elixer is spawned by the union of two terms that lead back to the Greek/Roman tradition in which fire was commonly associated with qualities such as determination, energy, passion and the red elixer, otherwise blood, was the symbol of life; the two words marry perfectly the full blooded essence trickled by this record, whose peak is represented right by the title track Matrice, ambiguous and chaotic matter, honed by an incessant electronic beat which exalts the track’s dark side.

The album ends linking up to the matrix on which it’s founded and reaches its peak with the track Hyle, inspired by a 17th century manuscript about alchemy written in which once again concepts about matter, chaos and chance become protagonists for in-depth analysis of philosophical sorts.

Various guests have contributed to the creation of this record: Mai Mai Mai on Ignis red elixer ( beat programming and electronics, produced and recorded by Valerio Fisik at HombreLobo Studio in Rome), Necro Deathmort with electronics on Matrice and Giovanni Todisco on percussion for Hyle.

?Alos has once again gifted us with a personal record, unconventional, a precious jewel that sits in an unpredicatbale musical world where akwardness, life and death come together to a point where they create Orerly Chaos in the very much taken up matrix. This is ?Alos and much more: ?Alos is Chaos when it takes shape.

Photos and Graphic by Natalia Saurin

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Matrice officially out March 16th
Matrice Cd is ready, soon the vynil version too

1- Ecate
2- Luce/Tenebre
3- Ignis red elixer
4- Matrice
5- Hyle

?Alos: Vocals, guitar, cello, objects
Mai Mai Mai: Beats and electronics, produced and recorded by Valerio Fisik/ HombreLobo Studio Roma (on track 3)
Necro Deathmort: Electronics (on track 4)
Giovanni Todisco: Percussions (on track 5)
All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi at Ardis Hall Ravenna, Italy 2014

Photos and graphic by Natalia Saurin

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Out March 16th "Matrice" album

Brussels-based records label Cheap Satanism Records will release the upcoming album ?Alos on March 16th on LP/CD/Digital. This new album is entitled Matrice and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi - Sound Engineering Services (Lento). It features contribution from the electronic artist Mai Mai Mai, the percussionist Giovanni Todisco and the sludgy-electronic duo Necro Deathmort

With Matrice ?Alos once again gifts us with a personal record, unconventional, a precious jewel that sits in an unpredictable musical world where awkwardness, life and death come together to a point where they create Orderly Chaos in the very much taken up matrix.

The album comes along with a European tour which will start in Italy in Spring.
?Alos is the solo project of the musician and experimental performer Stefania Pedretti. She is also known for her work with the italian duo OvO. Stefania defines/tags herself as the Muse of Chaos (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal).
Press release Dischi Bervisti
Photo and graphic Natalia Saurin

Cheap Satanism Records have been long time fan of her work both with ?Alos and OvO. Faithful followers of these worthless demon worshippers might remember that they have already booked ?Alos for a incredible performance in support of Carla Buzolich's Evanglista and that Stefania was featured on Joy As A Toy's second album, Dead As A Dodo.

?Alos is the fifth Italian artist which works with Cheap Satanism Records. The label has already released records fromGermanotta Youth, Fuzz Ochestra, (r) and Agatha.

?Alos - Martice tour dates:
25.03 Bologna, Freakout (w/ Mai Mai Mai)
26.03 Torino, Blah Blah (w/ Mai Mai Mai)
27.03 Ferrara, Arci Bolognesi (w/ Mai Mai Mai)
28.03 Recanati, Circolo Dong
01.04 Latina, Circolo Hemingway (w/ Alessio Sanniti /Misantropus, Korrigans)
02.04 Roma, Dal Verme (Thalassa Fest)
03.04 Torricella Verzate, Pavia, Pelle D'Oca Pub (w/ Dendrophilia, Du Champ)
04.04 Lugano (CH), Sonnenstube
05.04 Zurich (CH), Klubi (w/ The Land Of The Snow)
07.04 Liege (BE), La Zone (w/ Oozing Wound)
08.04 Utrecht (NL), The New Bikewars
09.04 Gent (BE), Kinky Star
11.04 Bruxelles (BE), Magasin4 ZomBIFFF night #5 (w/Solar Skeletons )
13.04 Berlin (DE), Schokoladen
16.04 Prague (CZ),Vila Stvanice (w/ Kayo Dot, Botanist, Nod Nod )
17.04 Pilsen (CZ), Pohoda club ( w/ Bild , Chat Blanc Le Stagiaire Vert)
18.04 Budapest (HU), Corvinteto
25.04 Firenze, C.S.A Next Emerson
02.05 Ravenna, Bronson (w/ Zu)
more soon...

for book ?Alos show contact me 

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Matrice Out soon...

Out on Cheap Satanism Records

Mai Mai Mai, Necro Deathmort, Giovanni Todisco
All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi at Ardis Hall Ravenna, Italy 2014
Photos and graphic by Natalia Saurin

mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014


26.12 Altamura, Ferula Ferita (Degender Night Sado Menù, R.y.f.)
27.12 Taranto, Gabba Gabba (Last Era concert)
29.12 Itri, Muviments festival (Sado Menù)
30.12 Roma, Forte Fanfulla (Sado Menù)

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New album out March 16th 2015

On March 16th 2015 ?Alos will release her new album "Matrice", on the belgian label Cheap Satanism.
Special Guests:
Mai Mai Mai: Beats and electronics
Necro Deathmort: Electronics
Giovanni Todisco: Percussions
Matrice “: recorded/mixed/mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (from Lento)
Photo by Natalia Saurin